Thursday, June 30, 2011


One door holds a baby
One door mourns it’s loss of youth
One door is a lady
One door lacks the class to choose

One door wears a smile
One door holds a bag of truth
One door takes a while
One door opens fast for you

One door gives you money
One door shows you gratitude
One door thinks it’s funny
One door hates the sight of you

One door leaves it open
One door pulls it’s curtains closed
One door thinks you’re jokin’
One door loves a steady pose

One door asks you favors
One door is impersonal
One door thinks it’s greater
One door keeps itself humble

One door needs your service
One door could go somewhere else
One door makes you nervous
But in the end, you’re just a door yourself

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The storm has silenced
Clouds are parting
Waves of sunlight crashing through
Wishing that the calm before me lasts forever
breathing room
Eventually my breath grows short
another storm begins to form
I brace myself for what's to come
For what will come has come before
Those little moments in between
So beautiful, so ripe, so clean
a realization came to me
That they were all I'd ever need
for even though the storms await me
and will always, forever break me
The calm will balance with my pain
and that is all I see

A Beatle fan's Meaning of life

If uniting as one is the answer, and if we ever have a chance in hell of doing that, then the only solution to our problem isn't love, but pain. For love is discarded time and time again by so many of us. And so many of us only get a chance to feel it in it's "obsession" or "lust" forms. Love is also known by many of us to fade in time but for others, to only grow stronger. So since we will obviously never see eye to eye on the subject of love, then pain must be the answer. We all have our personal pains and carry them with us forever until the time of our deaths. How I see it, if there is any form of love that may be the answer it's "compassion." Realizing that each and every one of us share a personal pain in life that we feel internally, lacking the true ability to ever let it go. If we can recognize each other's pain and personally identify with each other's suffering, then we may be able to see each other as equals. If we can do that.....then we may have something.
So you see.....
Love is not all you need. What we need is pain. For pain is proof of life. And all life begins and ends with it.

A Reminder never to be perfect

My old music had that "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue on" feel to it. In the sense that there are mistakes throughout, yet the songs go on....they must. Whereas my new music has a glistening hint of perfection with every piece. Everything fits together so perfectly. Almost too perfectly. It reeks of effort. The performer(myself) tried hard to erase any mistakes that may have arose in the process of the recordings.
These two styles may say a lot about where I was and now currently am as not only an artist, but as a person as well. I think I may have lost the ability to let what is ultimately be. I think I may have lost freedom.

Exact change moments

"Exact change moments" are a symbol for when you make a choice, and you know right then....without a doubt, that it was the absolute right one. It is the random decision that everybody makes every now and then when they decide to pay with exact change. They say "Oh wait, I think I have that" then fumble around in their pockets or purses. The person then pulls out every cent they could find only to realize that the total of their purchase is the exact amount of change they had on them that day. It is a tragic shame that only a few see this phenomena as an omen, but I am definitely a believer in fate. I saw it, and there it was staring back at me like an angel in the palm of my hand, Speaking softly to my eyes, convincing me that everything was going to be okay.