Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Hotel

I walked around the empty floors and knocked on every door
I was waiting for my face to greet me
just as it had done before
Only this time more than mere reflection
staring coldly back and forth
I was walking down the hotel corridor
When I came to a dark corner
Now I could have been crazy,
but I swear I saw myself
I saw a better me
I saw everything
But how was it so
What kind of magic lurking these walls could project such wonders?
I suddenly think that if I caught me
I'd be right to steal it all
I should thank the grand magician
blessing me with this dilemma
It wasn't until much later and much too late
that I would see too much
only to see no more.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Passageway

He stared off
Beyond reality
In between the lines
Where the truth blurs
then melts away
The passageway
we all approach but never enter
You've found the center
Now my friend
The lion's den
It waits for you
Our names our called
in random order
There are no borders here
You take your steps
You disappear