Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Left on broadway

I took you in
I bought you things
I taught you ways to live your life without destroying everything
I cooked you food
and took you places
where you would smile and take a while with every taste that I would offer
What could have happened?
what did I miss?
Did I forget to put the seat down?
Feed the fish?
What could have been so bad to bring us here to this?
An empty home
You left so cold
Without even the smallest gesture of a simple note
No sign that you had ever even been here
how can this be happening to me?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rapped in frustration

I recognize my face on the billboard
next to two giant words saying "Smile more"
I said no
They threw me to the ground
and made me wear a dunce cap
as I laid there and cried for my mom
I said
"This is supposed to make me smile?"
"How stupid can you be?"
"How many paint chips
you gotta eat?"
I may be the dunce
but you just took the cake
in the densest man contest
First place