Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Cycle

I ride on this highway singing a bad love song in my head. It's empty, so I decide to fill it with everything. All at once. The sorrow of my dreams and everything I had and lost. It fills me up until I reach the bottom, then it's gone.
Back to work again with an empty head, waiting for the bliss of it to end. Ignorance is all that gets me through until I start to think too much again. The thoughts of all my demons working hard to drag me down. Then once again, they're gone.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dream of a Lonely Doctor

There was a dream once had
And in that dream a man would speak
and everyone would smile
And it would last a while
He'd cure the sick
and extra quick
the end of death would come

All would run to see the one
with magic in his lungs
And this intense demand
had left him stranded
lost, alone, and apathetic
Finally, a world of people had pushed him away
with his talent, the only quality they could